Are you a Canadian Veteran suffering from PTSD, Anxiety, or Depression?

Research into cannabis and CBD is finding promising results. Our medical team at Hello MD is available to talk to you and see if medical cannabis or CBD might help.

An appointment takes a couple minutes to schedule and the medical consultation takes about the same time as a regular visit to your doctor. 

They can provide you with the medical document you need .


Get the expert advice and service you won’t get from big pharmacies.

At Tantus, we specialize in one thing: medical cannabis.

Unlike the big pharmacies, we don’t need to know everything about every prescription drug in the store. So we can spend all of our time reading the latest medical cannabis and CBD research and talking to health care specialists to offer you the best products for your health needs.

As a Canadian Veteran you deserve they best care from healthcare experts who specialize in the use of medical cannabis and CBD to treat your health concerns. 

Canadian Veterans are eligible for reimbursement of up to three grams per day of medical cannabis. 

Veterans Canada’s medical cannabis reimbursement policy allows veterans to claim reimbursement of up to three grams per day of dried medical cannabis, or its equivalent in cannabis oil at a cost of up to $8.50 per gram. 

If you have questions about eligibility, contact us or you can check out the Veterans Canada medical cannabis program’s frequently asked questions section for more information. 

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