feelgood – Extra Strength THC Muscle Cream

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feelgood. THC Extra Strength Muscle Cream offers a stronger, natural alternative for long-lasting muscle care.


Formulated with high quality THC derived from cannabis distillate for the ultimate topical solution. Rubbed into the skin, feelgood. THC Extra Strength Muscle Cream does not offer the “high” that accompanies inhaled or ingested THC products since it is applied topically.

This product does contain methanol which provides the cooling effect you often find in other muscle rub products. It is a non-greasy formula and our patients have found that it helps them alleviate muscle and joint aches and pain.

Tantus also has a similar muscle cream containing CBD instead of THC which you might be interested in trying out.

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feelgood. THC Extra Strength Muscle Cream is a medical CBD product and you will need a medical document to purchase. Click here to book a free online consultation with our team at HelloMD to get your medical cannabis prescription.

Visit feelgood. to learn more about their THC Extra Strength Muscle Cream and other products they offer.

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