Pura Vida – CBD 4:1 Honey Oil Cartridge

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Pura Vida – CBD 4:1 Honey Oil Cartridge is a full-spectrum premium extract CBD vape product.


Type: High CBD, Low THC

Total THC: 75

THC mg/g: 75

CBD mg/g: 600


This is a high CBD vape cartridge, and in our testing we found 4:1 CBD Honey Oil Vape we found the flavor to be a delicate blend of spicy sweetness coupled with rich earthy undertones.


If you are looking for a high CBD vape cartridge, you might consider the 4:1 CBD Honey Oil Vape. Works with any standard 510 thread vape battery.

Pura Vida’s CBD 4:1 Oil: taken from the finest hand-harvested CBD flowers through a meticulous extraction process, Pure Vida ensures the preservation of the plant’s unique earthy notes and subtle flavors, as well as all its natural beneficial properties. This exclusive extraction method yields a full-spectrum, vape-ready product without the necessity of adding extra terpenes, flavors, or carrier oils. This results in a high CBD vape cartridge that truly embodies the strain-specific benefits, setting it apart from formulated distillate products. To truly appreciate the process and understand the ingredients, insist on nothing but the best!

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Pure Vida’s CBD 4:1 oil is a medical CBD product and you will need a medical document to purchase. Click here to book a free online consultation with our team at HelloMD to get your medical cannabis prescription.

To learn more about Pure Vida’s CBD 4:1 oil and other Pura Vida products you can click here to visit their website. 

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Pura Vida

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