Pura Vida – CBD Oil Drops 20mg/g

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Pura Vida CBD Oil Drops are a high-quality ingestible concentrate derived from the CBD plant.


Pura Vida’s CBD Oil drops are derived from hemp and will not provide the “high” associated with cannabis products containing THC. If you would like to learn more, check out our in-depth article on CBD that includes information on how it is different from THC-based products.

Pura Vida CBD Oil Drops are carefully extracted from the highest quality, hand harvested CBD flower and combined in pure organic MCT oil. Pura Vida’s proprietary extraction process produces a full plant profile, preserving the plants distinctive earthy notes and subtle flavours without the need for back-added terpenes. Pura Vida’s CBD oil drops are formulated for maximum bioavailability, providing full plant benefits simply unavailable in a formulated distillate product. Understand the process, know the ingredients… demand the best.

CBD oil drops are typically taken sublingually (under the tongue) and then ingested with water. Some people prefer to add their CBD oil drops to their morning smoothie, juice or coffee.

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Pura Vida CBD Oil Drops are a medical CBD product and you will need a medical document to purchase. Click here to book a free online consultation with our team at HelloMD to get your medical cannabis prescription.

To learn more about Pura Vida CBD Oil Drops and other products offered, click here to visit the Pure Vida website.

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