Majority of Canadians View Cannabis Use as “Socially Acceptable”

Canadian Cannabis Survey

The government of Canada has released its annual Canadian Cannabis Survey and it finds that the majority of Canadians (68%) think that the occasional use of cannabis for non-medical purposes is socially acceptable.

For comparison purposes, 89% of Canadians believe the same about alcohol use. 68% of Canadians think that ingesting cannabis for non-medical purposes is socially acceptable (1% more than that for smoking cannabis) and 62% of people find vaping cannabis acceptable.

According to the researchers behind the report, these numbers are up slightly from the previous Canadian Cannabis Survey.

This chart breaks down the findings on the social acceptability of cannabis use in Canada:

As we continue to educate Canadians on the health benefits and the research being done on cannabis and CBD products, we can assume these levels of social acceptability will continue to increase over the coming years.