New survey: people prefer cannabis over pharmaceuticals for medical issues

A new poll conducted by Harris finds that 91% of people who use cannabis do so for health and wellness purposes.

The poll also finds that 62% of people reporting they would prefer to use cannabis rather than pharmaceuticals to treat a medical issue.

The poll was conducted in the United States through an online survey of 2,000 people over the age of 21. It was sponsored by Curaleaf, an international provider of cannabis products. 

Respondents to the poll reported that the health and wellness reasons they used cannabis for were:

  • to relax (52%)
  • to help with sleep (49%)
  • to reduce stress (44%)
  • to reduce anxiety (41%)

When it comes to substituting pharmaceuticals with cannabis to help alleviate health issues, 88% of people who use cannabis as an alternative to pharmaceuticals feel that doing so has improved their overall well-being.

As we have noted previously, the scientific research on the use of medical cannabis for treating various health symptoms remains in its infancy. However, new studies looking at medical cannabis as an alternative to pain medications continues to show promising results. 

If you think medical cannabis might help you, ask your doctor. Or you can set up a free, confidential consultation with our partners at Hello MD to see if  medical cannabis might be right for you.