New Research: Medical Cannabis Leads to Sustained Cognitive Improvement in Patients

canada cannabis research cognitive improvement

Researchers at Harvard University have published a new study finding that medical cannabis patients, “demonstrated significant improvements on measures of executive function and clinical state over the course of 12 months; verbal learning/memory performance generally remained stable.”

In simpler terms, the Harvard study found that over a year, patients who were using medical cannabis, mainly in the form of CBD, were seen to have sustained improvement in their cognitive abilities – verbal learning and memory. There was a strong correlation between improved cognitive ability and better sleep, mood and less anxiety.

The study looked at patients who had little or no history of cannabis use and followed their cognitive health over a 12 month period. The researchers concluded that, “results extend previous pilot findings, indicating that MC [medical cannabis] patients may exhibit enhanced rather than impaired executive function over time.”

You can read more details on the study published in the medical journal International Neuropsychological Society here: An Observational, Longitudinal Study of Cognition in Medical Cannabis Patients over the Course of 12 Months of Treatment: Preliminary Results.