Product Review: Pura Vida Nightfall Honey Oil Drops

pura vida nighfall honey oil drops

Wondering about dosage for Pura Vida NIghtfall Indica Honey Oil Drops? Set up a free, online and private doctor’s consultation with our cannabis/CBD team at HelloMD. They can go over your medical history and health symptoms and provide you the correct dosage and usage. 

Pura Vida Nightfall Indica Honey Oil Drops is an Indica-dominant product that many people find helpful for relaxing at the end of the day or treating sleeping disorders, like insomnia.

It must be noted before we get into this review that if you are suffering from symptoms of a sleep disorder like insomnia or sleep apnea we recommend setting up a free online consultation with one of our health practitioners at Hello MD to see if Pura Vida Nightfall Drops are right for you. If it is determined that they might be of help, you can get a medical cannabis prescription during the consultation and purchase Pura Vida Nightfall Drops here on our site.

Cannabis – mainly the Indica strain – has been helping people sleep since its discovery.

Many newcomers or light users of medical cannabis use cannabis to aid with their sleep. Granted it may be one factor or a combination of factors that are affecting your sleep quality, but there has been a lot promising research to show that medical cannabis can improve the quality of your sleep by addressing some of the issues that may be affecting your rest.

You can read more about sleep, insomnia, sleeping disorders and the latest research on medical cannabis and CBD in our in-depth look at the subject found here on our website: Do you have trouble sleeping? Learn more about sleep disorders and how to get a better sleep.

Our Product Review of Pura Vida Nightfall Honey Oil Drops.

Pura Vida is a great company and we are glad to be partnered with them and be able to offer you their high-quality cannabis extract products. Pura Vida gained national notoriety after entering several competitions and winning multiple awards for concentrates in the CBD, INDICA, SATIVA, HYBRID categories at the Emerald Cup, High Times and Cannabis Cup. 

The Pura Vida Nightfall drops are a Indica-dominant cannabis oil extract. Many people find that Indica-based extracts produce a much more calming effect than their cousin Sativa. You can click here to learn much more about the difference between Sativa and Indica.

For the most part, the biggest difference patients report is that the effect from Indica is much more mellow, calming and some find that it helps with sleep disorder issues. This is versus Sativa-dominant which many people find offers a more uplifting effect.

Pura Vida Nightfall Drops are a full-spectrum premium cannabis oil, with only a trace of CBD. So if you are looking for something that contains both THC and CBD, I would recommend you look at something like the Purefarma Balance 15:15 oil, which provides in equal parts CBD and THC.

We offer the Pura Vida Nightfall Drops in two different dosages and if you are unfamiliar with what dose is best for you, this is definitely something you can talk to our Hello MD health practitioners about in a free consult (click here to set up your free online, private consultation). For those already familiar with the use of cannabis oil extracts and already have a medical cannabis prescription through Tantus, you can choose from two different THC dosages:

In our tests of the Nightfall Indica Honey Oil Drops 30mg/g we found the taste to be a little sweeter (hence the “honey”) than most oil extracts which was actually very appealing, and I suspect will also be appealing to many most first-time users. As the old saying goes, “a spoonful of sugar, makes the medicine go down.”

The drops were easy to take with the provided metered dosage dropper and the product worked for me as expected. It must be noted that since this is an “edible” cannabis product we recommend you start very slow if you are new to using extracts. If you are unsure it is best to seek advice on how to use THC extracts properly from your family doctor or one of our Hello MD medical practitioners.

But the main rule of thumb with any cannabis extract, oil or edible is to start slow and go from there.

If you think you might benefit from medical cannabis to treat your medical issues like sleep disorder and insomnia, set up a free consultation with our medical cannabis health practitioners at Hello MD. It only takes a minute to set up the appointment and a consultation takes about the same amount of time as a regular visit to your family doctor (minus the wait room).