Product Review: Pura Vida Sativa Honey Oil Cartridge

pura vida sativa honey oil cartridge

We tested the Pura Vida Sativa Honey Oil Cartridge over a couple of weeks of usage and here is what we found. 


It is worth noting that cannabis products such as these can have varying effects based on the person using them. If you are unsure about how to use this cannabis product it is worth talking to your family doctor or booking a free online consultation with our one of our healthcare professionals at Hello MD. 

As you can tell by the name, the Pura Vida sativa honey oil cartridge is a Sativa-dominant cannabis product. People can experience different effects between Sativa and Indica strains of cannabis. Some people find Sativa cannabis can make them feel more alert and energized.  

With this product or any other cannabis product it is always a good idea to start with a low dose and work up from there as you get to know the effect the cannabis is having on you. 

In the case of the Pura Vida sativa honey oil cartridge, this would be considered a higher dose product for most so it is worth starting slow (i.e. trying a single inhalation) and working up from there. You should feel the effects in the first few minutes of inhalation. The effects of the Pura Vida sativa honey oil cartridge will peak in most people within 10 to 30 minutes and will likely last about two hours. 

Pura Vida is a Canadian brand owned by  PuraFarma and they offer a variety of CBD and cannabis vape and oil-based products. PuraFarma has won multiple awards for their products over the years, including: the Emerald Cup, High Times and the Cannabis Cup.

The Pura Vida sativa honey oil cartridge uses standard 510 thread vape battery which are cheap to buy and easy to use. 

The one thing I really like about the Pura Vida sativa honey oil cartridge is the sweet taste, with only a very mild cannabis flavor. 

This is a 100% additive-free and full-plant premium extract. This means that there are no cutting agents or carrier oils, making it a higher-end product for those looking to avoid unnecessary additives.

Overall, at least for me, the effects of Pura Vida sativa honey oil cartridge were exactly as expected and it is a great product for anyone looking for an easy-to-use cannabis vape cartridge.  

If you are interested in trying the Pura Vida sativa honey oil cartridge or any other medical cannabis product we offer, please browse our full product page here. 

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