Product Review: feelgood – Extra Strength CBD Muscle Cream


Feelgood’s Extra Strength CBD muscle cream is a popular product for Tantus Health customers.

This is a topical cream that contains CBD and no active THC (the main ingredient in cannabis).

Feelgood Extra Strength CBD muscle cream is a formula designed to work quickly through skin absorption.

People typically use CBD muscle cream to manage pain and inflammation in an affected area. It is a cream (as the description makes clear) and we found in our testing that the cream does not leave a stain on the skin when applied or on clothing. That said, it is always good to test the cream on a small area to see if there is any staining (we would hate to ruin those nice, new yoga pants!).

Feelgood’s CDB muscle cream has a very faint, non-intrusive scent and goes on smoothly.

In our testing I used it on an aching knee and the cream did offer some immediate relief, but it was after using for a few weeks on a regular basis that I really noticed a difference. It has a similar effect to regular muscle rub, but without all the nasty unidentifiable chemicals that a lot of commercial muscle rubs have.

This is all to say, that while I saw a positive benefit, it is important to talk to your doctor or one of the Tantus health team to see if Feelgood’s Extra Strength CBD muscle cream is right for you.

In order to purchase Feelgood’s CBD muscle cream from Tantus Health you will need a medical CBD prescription.

You can either get a prescription from your family physician or you can book a free appointment with one of our health care team. 

An appointment only take a minute to set up (you can click here to book an appointment now) and the consultation takes about the same amount of time as a regular doctor’s appointment, minus the waiting room!