About 25% of Canadians use Cannabis Recreationally

Canadian Recreational Cannabis use

The government of Canada’s annual Canadian Cannabis Survey finds that about 25% of Canadians have used cannabis in the past year. This is down slightly from the 2020 cannabis survey which found about 27% of Canadians imbibe from time-to-time in cannabis.

The survey only asks questions related to recreational use and not the medical use of cannabis.

Researchers also found that the majority of Canadians (67%) think that the occasional use of cannabis for non-medical purposes is socially acceptable.

Males reported using cannabis recreationally more than females and compared to 2020, there was a significant reduction (2%) in reported usage for males and amongst those aged 16 to 24.

Here’s a breakdown:

The government of Canada began conducting the Canadian Cannabis Survey in 2018 when the Cannabis Act was passed into law making the recreational and medical use of cannabis legal in Canada.

The survey tracks various aspects of cannabis use to help better understand the public perceptions related to cannabis, as well as develop new public awareness and education campaigns.